Open Up

Open Up will serve as an upstream open source project for orchestration and configuration management of services, tools, and resources for use by open collaborative innovation communities.

The current scope of Open Up include the development of projects focused on:

Configuration Management – software and documentation that allows for organizations to manage the configuration of software services, tools, as well as integration with other self-hosted and third-party network services

Infrastructure-as-Code – software and documentation that allows for organizations can manage and provision hardware and cloud-based infrastructure through executable code (e.g., AWS Cloud Formation scripts) rather than through a more manual (GUI-based) configuration processes, including use of libraries and services that enable and support multi-cloud based approaches.

Possible future Activities

In the future, the scope of Open Up could potentially be expanded to include the delivery of other kinds of resources such as governance templates, policies, or educational resources. This project would not likely be the place for the creation of such material but it would be appropriate to “package” such materials and integrate them with any installation and configuration scripts.